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11 lutego 2020

To see the one-to-one NAT settings:Open the instance configuration file in Coverage Supervisor. Pick out Network > NAT .

Simply click the 1-to-1 NAT tab. Here is how you study just about every column of this configuration:This one-to-1 NAT action applies to incoming and outgoing targeted visitors on the Exterior interface. This specifies the amount of IP addresses this 1-to-1 NAT motion applies to. In this case, it applies to two hosts. The NAT Foundation is the cheapest IP handle in the selection of addresses to translate. The NAT Foundation selection is a collection of consecutive IP addresses, up to the # of Hosts, with the specified NAT Base IP address as the least expensive deal with in the assortment.

In this case in point, the # of Hosts is two, so the NAT Foundation deal with variety consists of these addresses:203. 113. 25 — the public IP tackle of Mail Server one. 203. 113. 26 — the public IP deal with of Mail Server 2. The Genuine Base is the least expensive IP handle is the variety of supply addresses to translate. The Real Base selection is a sequence of consecutive IP addresses, up to the # of Hosts, with the specified IP address as the least expensive address in the assortment. In this instance, the # of Hosts is 2, so the Serious Base handle variety is composed of these addresses:10. 2. 25 — the private IP handle of Mail Server 1. 10. two. 26 — the non-public IP handle of Mail Server 2. In this example, we can configure 1-to-1 NAT mapping with an IP address assortment simply because the public IP addresses, and private IP addresses of the two mail servers are consecutive. When we determine the one-to-1 NAT mapping as a vary, the Genuine Base and NAT Foundation for Mail Server two are the second addresses in the array. If the general public or private IP addresses of the servers ended up not consecutive (for illustration, if the personal IP address of the Mail Server two in this example was 10. two. 50), you could add a solitary 1-to-one NAT mapping to manage the NAT mapping for each and every server. Even if your servers have consecutive IP addresses, you could want to configure the one-to-1 NAT mapping as two separate mappings, for clarity.

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For comparison, you can look at the 1-to-one NAT configuration in the configuration file (on the left) side-by-side with the equal configuration with different NAT mappings for every host (on the appropriate). Whether you configure a single 1-to-one NAT rule to apply to a vary of IP addresses, or you configure independent one-to-one NAT guidelines for each and every server, 1-to-one NAT operates the identical way. In this example, the outcome of the one-to-one NAT configuration is:1-to-1 NAT for Mail Server one:For targeted traffic inbound to the Exterior interface, if the desired destination IP handle is 203. 113. twenty five, adjust it to 10. 1. 25.

For visitors outbound from the Exterior interface, if the source IP address is 10. one. twenty five, improve it to 203. 113. twenty five. 1-to-1 NAT for Mail Server two:For traffic inbound to the Exterior interface, if the destination IP deal with is 203. 113. 26, adjust it to ten. 1. 26. For outbound targeted traffic from the Exterior interface, if the supply IP deal with is 10. 1. 26, improve, it to 203. 113. 26. Policy Configuration. SMTP targeted traffic is not authorized inbound by default. The instance configuration includes a SMTP-proxy policy to enable the inbound SMTP website traffic to the two mail servers. The default NAT settings in the SMTP-proxy coverage permit 1-to-1 NAT, so no modifications to the default NAT configurations in the coverage are necessary.

By default, both of those 1-to-1 NAT and Dynamic NAT are enabled in all insurance policies. To see the SMTP-proxy plan. This plan sends website traffic right to the community IP addresses of the mail servers. These are the IP addresses in the NAT Base of the 1-to-one NAT configuration. Not like the plan in the to start with illustration configuration, this plan does not require an SNAT action, because 1-to-one NAT will take treatment of the handle translation.

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